Conference gallery

Images from the 2015 SfEP/SI joint conference

The 1st SfEP/SI joint conference was held at the University of York At the SfEP AGM, out-going chair Sara Peacock is presented with not one, but two, gnomesNetworking starts in earnest after the AGMThe impact of new technology – John Thompson gives the Whitcombe LectureSometimes being a modern man means you’ve got to sit on the floorCoffee time is an ideal opportunity to networkPlaytime at the movable book sessionA new form of Pilates? No, it’s all to do with making paper booksPaul Johnson with one of his magical movable booksNetworking doesn’t stop during meal timesMy bell? It means you’re late for your session! Helen, Bridget and Josie from the SfEP officeJohn Espirian and Margaret Hunter answer questions during their session on digital toolsNewly-weds, Mr and Mrs Hooper, are ready for the gala dinner. (Congratulations, Hilary and Gordon!)Despite the building work, delegates did find the pre-dinner drinks receptionIs it Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio? Lucy Ridout and Clare Christian discussThe Linnets – the SfEP’s choir, this year augmented by some indexers! – sing for their supperGlamour at the gala dinner: Margaret Hunter, front, and Helen Stevens (in background) …… and Stephen and Ivy CashmoreSam Leith, honorary president of the SI, introduces himself before the prize presentationsA slightly stunned Rod Cuff receives the SfEP’s JBA from David CrystalThe SfEP’s honorary vice president, David Crystal, gives the after-dinner speech and reads from his new bookIt’s Monday morning and delegates are still networking‘Crystal ball’ panellists Sam Leith, Stephen Baker, Chris Jennings, Kate Mertes, Allyson Latta and Alison Baverstock and (centre) chair Maureen MacGlashan look into the futureEben Muse considers the future of reading in the closing lectureLucy Metzger (SfEP vice-chair), Helen Martin (SfEP office manager) and Jan Rayment (SI chair) draw the raffleAnn Kingdom (SI acting conference director), Christine Vaughan (SfEP conference director) and Lucy Metzger (SfEP vice-chair) bring the conference to a close.


Photos by CIEP, Hazel Reid and Rod Cuff