Upgrading requirements: Mentoring

Successful mentoring or acting as a mentor may gain you points towards upgrading, but these are counted separately from training and experience points and references. You will still need to meet the relevant minimum grade requirements for these. No one may upgrade with training and mentoring alone.

What counts for mentoring points?

  • Successful completion of CIEP mentoring in copyediting, proofreading or a specialist subject.
  • Mentoring provided by another organisation or person – but you will need to provide detailed evidence of its value.
  • Successfully acting as a mentor for the CIEP or another organisation (if not the CIEP, you will need to provide detailed evidence).

What information should I include?

  • Give the dates when you undertook mentoring, details of your mentor and the mark awarded to you at the end of the scheme.
  • Successful completion of CIEP copyediting/proofreading mentoring is worth up to 10 points towards upgrading, or 12 points in the case of specialist mentoring. You may claim the number of points shown on your certificate. Please include your certificate.
  • If the mentoring scheme was not run by the CIEP, please give full details of what it covered and how mentoring was conducted.
  • If you have been a mentor (either for the SfEP/CIEP or any other body), tell us:
    • the dates when you were a mentor
    • how much time you spent on it
    • how many people you mentored and at what level
    • what skills the mentoring covered and whether it was part of your job or a one-to-one arrangement.