Upgrading requirements: Additional information

You are welcome to send us any other relevant information that might add weight to your upgrade application, such as awards received or training course materials you have written. Please add this in the Additional Information section of the application form. This is also the place to add your spreadsheet/record of jobs completed if you have one.

Please include only information related to editing and/or proofreading. Information about, for example, indexing, writing (ie generation of original content), translating or other related fields will be disregarded.

Remember anonymity!

  • Please do not include any information that might easily identify you (other than certificates); the upgrades process is strictly anonymous.
  • Please alert the CIEP office to anything that identifies you so that the material can be anonymised before being passed on to the Admissions Panel.
  • Don’t send your CV – we will not pass it to the Admissions Panel.
  • Do send your training certificates.
  • Please do not redact any information yourself.