Professional support

General business

Better Payment Practice Campaign

Provides information and guidance on the use of late payment legislation. Has a very useful calculator for figuring out interest rates.

British Chambers of Commerce

You can get the contact details of your local chamber of commerce from this site.

Business Link

Practical advice for businesses from the government.

Federation of Small Businesses

Membership confers access to legal information and document supply including sample contracts of employment, legal case studies, tax and VAT information.

HM Revenue & Customs

Government department responsible for the business of the former Inland Revenue and HM Customs & Excise. Every working person's best friend – or worst enemy. Seriously, though, there's some good stuff here on starting up in business as well as information on self-assessment, VAT and more.

Telework Association

Europe's largest organisation dedicated to promotion of teleworking.


Economist style guide

Well-known style guide used by The Economist magazine.

The Editorium

A collection of macros for Microsoft Word (PC and Mac).

Guardian style guide

This UK newspaper's editorial style guide is more informal than The Economist's (see above) and probably more appropriate for websites and social media.

Publishing Training Centre

International training provider for book publishers. [CO]

Vanity Publishing: A campaign for truth and honesty

Warnings about the pitfalls of vanity publishing, plus free advice including an advice pack on all aspects of publishing.

Write Better English

Free online community of wordsmiths and word lovers dedicated to improving people's written English skills.