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Location Based in Asturias, Spain, and working internationally
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Pearson IGCSE ESL developmental edit

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Former international school teacher and teacher trainer – and a published ELT author – now your flexible and attentive copyeditor and proofreader.

I hold a Master's Degree in Education and am experienced in Word (including templates and styles), PDF markup, Google Docs and Google Slides. I am also trained and experienced in Adobe InCopy for online platforms. My clients range from ELT publishers to a company championing sustainability, taking in an award-winning university professor of gender studies and a meditation app along the way.

A true internationalist and Spanish speaker, I work with creative writers too.


Experienced in:

  • InCopy online editing
  • Word (templates & styles)
  • PDF markup
  • Google Docs & Slides
  • CEFR (Common European Framework for language assessment)
  • IPA (phonemic script)

ELT/ESL/CLIL editing



Developmental editing for ELT

Authoring educational materials

Rewriting for a new purpose e.g. local context

Plain/clear English

Translating Spanish to English (helps editing machine-translated documents into clear English)


English language learning materials

Educational materials

Company literature (reports, presentations, storyboards)

Google Docs and Slides

Blog posts

Theses and dissertations


Online materials (Adobe InCopy and Avallain Author trained)


Freelance editor since 2019

ELT materials writer since 2005

International school teacher since 1987


Adobe InCopy (2022)

How to Mark Up PDF Page Proofs (2021)

Word for practical editing (2021)

Copyediting 1 & 2 (2020 & 2022)

Proofreading 1 & 2 (2019 & 2020)


Modern English Teacher; SM Group Spain; Oxford University Press; Pearson; British Council; South Pole Climate Solutions; Newgen; the Content Station; Just Content; Compass Publishing; Medito Foundation; as well as numerous authors and academic writers.


ELT; EAL; CLIL; education; climate change; sustainability; gender; Spanish; international school teaching; teacher training; meditation; art; contemporary dance; theatre studies; English language and literature 

Qualifications and awards

Master's Degree in Education: distinction. (Oxford Brookes University) Dissertation: How EAL learners learn

BA Hons (University of Lancaster) in Visual Arts, with theatre studies and contemporary dance, English language and literature

PGCE (Goldsmiths College, University of London) in secondary school art teaching

Diploma (RSA/UCLES) in English language teaching



Alex is always a pleasure to work with. She delivers on time to a high standard and will always question when the brief isn’t clear. We’ve been working with Alex since we started two years ago and look forward to continuing this happy relationship.

Caroline Boot, Director ELL, Newgen 2023

Alex, I want to give a huge shout out to you about the quick turnaround of the deck. We really like your QC [Quality Control] approach. You took time to list the grammatical errors in your email which is really a good learning exercise for us. Hope we can get to QC more of our reports by you.'

Consultant in sustainability 2023

Thorough and professional

Alexander Wagner, Compass Publishing 2022

Attention to detail: Alex demonstrated thorough attention to each word selected for the manuscript, which pushed me to think about every single word I used on a deeper level.

Communication: Alex was very approachable, responsive, and easy to talk to. It was a smooth process.

I would absolutely recommend Alex to anybody and will hopefully work more with her in the future.

Anonymous first-time fiction author 2023

Dear Alex, I have no words to thank you for proofreading and editing my materials carefully. You exceeded my expectations by giving constructive feedback on how the quality of the materials can be improved. As someone new to materials writing, I really appreciate the kind of feedback you have given.  I have no hesitation in recommending your work to anyone who may require your services.

Rusiru Chitrasena, ELT PhD candidate 2022

Alex supplied a service that not only met what I asked for but went beyond what I thought I needed. I wouldn’t hesitate in commissioning her skills again.

Lucas Stewart, author and publishing consultant 2021

I'm still working with Alex on my fiction manuscript, but have been really enjoying working with her and appreciating the quality of her input. Her insights have raised things I never considered, and I think my manuscript will be much stronger because Alex's help. Thank you, Alex!

 Jacqueline Owens, author 2021

It has been a pleasure working with Alex across a number of projects. She is an excellent editor for both American English and British English texts, with an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of both. Alex has a great attention to detail and is willing to explain any stylistic inconsistencies she encounters.

Fraser Barrett, Compass Publishing 2020

I approached you feeling rather insecure and unsure of myself. Thank you for the polishing and the support you offered every step of the way. You scrutinized my writing with eagle-eyed attention to every tiny detail. I had thought I was good; however, you punched up the quality and accuracy of my work!

Petrina McGregor, author 2021

I am sure most writers will agree that having your creative writing edited is rather traumatic, but Alex made it comfortable for me. I knew she was on my side and was partnering with me to make the best version of my m/s possible. I’m extremely grateful for her hard work.

Trudy Nixon, author 2020

Thanks so much for your diligent and time efficient work, I appreciate it was not a small document!

Consultant in sustainability 2023

Very high quality work at a very quick pace, too. I’ll let the other editors in the office know [you’re available] and recommend you highly! Really excellent throughout, thanks very much. Great stuff and well done! Thank you very much for this and in general for your work throughout the level.

Dominic Wright, Richmond Publishing 2018

Alex, is very helpful and provides a wonderful service.

Monique de Klerk, author 2021

Thank you for completing the task and for doing it on time. Your help on this project is greatly appreciated! Great job on adding the missing presentation numbers and for checking if the titles matched. Thinking of keeping the wrong presentation number and its questions just in case was a great initiative! 

Clarisse Girod-Garufi, Lingoda 2019

Her professionalism, humour and support kept me going and forced me to raise my game.

Petrina McGregor, author 2023