The CIEP's vice-chair is Denise Cowle. You can contact Denise by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

About Denise Cowle

Denise has been copyediting and proofreading since 2011, following a career as a physiotherapist in the NHS for 25 years. She joined the SfEP in 2012 and became an Advanced Professional Member in 2015.

Denise has been an active member of the CIEP since attending her first local group meeting. She was the local group coordinator for the Glasgow group from 2014–17 and gave a session at her first conference in 2015.

Joining the Content Marketing Academy in 2015 revolutionised Denise’s approach to marketing her business, and she is a committed advocate of the principles of content marketing, applying them to both her own business and the CIEP. Denise won the Best Business Blog award from the CMA in 2017.

Denise now teaches proofreading and marketing for organisations such as Publishing Scotland, BookMachine and the CIEP and has her own expanding suite of online courses.

First as marketing director, then as vice-chair, Denise has continued to champion a growth-focused strategy for the CIEP that raises awareness, fosters engagement, and generates sales and income.

Denise Cowle, vice-chair

Denise Cowle, vice-chair