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The CIEP's social media director is Rebecca Wood. You can contact Rebecca by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

About Rebecca Wood

Rebecca studied science at university and soon realised that she enjoyed writing about science far more than she liked research, so in 2002 she completed an MSc in Science Communication with dreams of becoming a science writer. After a stint at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining as a feature writer, she moved into the world of legal publishing and realised that editing other people’s writing and helping them to clarify their message was vocation calling and she had to answer.

Being bookish by nature, Rebecca spent most of her twenties propping up the sofa in her favourite Bloomsbury bookshop and added fiction editing to her repertoire. By day she edited dense Crown Copyright legal compliance documents and by night she indulged her passion for obscure science fiction and fictionalised autobiography.

This love of two seemingly disparate worlds has been a recurring theme throughout Rebecca’s career, and she leaves a legacy behind at Imperial College, London, having campaigned to add science in a fictional context and science fiction to the Sci Comm curriculum.

Rebecca left London in 2018 after a lifetime in the City and moved to Somerset with her partner to convert a camper van and tour the UK countryside and Europe. She now spends her summers with her laptop on her knee and a brew in her hand, editing scientific writing, indie author fiction and corporate copy in some of the most beautiful places she could have ever imagined. She tweets with the hashtag #EditorInTheWild.

After returning from one of these trips in 2019, Rebecca joined the CIEP as a Professional Member and has since become an active member in her local group and now the Council.

Rebecca Wood

Rebecca Wood, social media director